Saturday, May 8, 2010

still goin

this hat is becoming an incredibly interesting endeavor. originally I had a plan, which was to put the lightning scene and the ocean scene side-by-side on the front panel. but then that was really cramped and the back was all empty, so I painted the yellow over it and did the lightning and ocean on the back. but as far as the designs on those two panels, they're pretty according to plan. but then the front panel has just completely evolved itself. I didn't really have a blueprint for it to begin with, but I was definitely planning to paint these river rocks and a crane, and then I was like "oh I'll add a sun," and then it became THIS. woah.

...which I love. but I don't really know what to do with it. so my current two considerations for the front panel are: 1) still add a crane? it would be off-center to the right, just a single crane standing on the rocks. simple and with some sentimental meaning for the wearer, my friend patrick. and 2) should I add the reflection of the sun on the bill? it was supposed to look like water but there wasn't going to be a sun to begin with, so now I'm thinking it looks funky withOUT the reflection. but that sorta changes a lot because then I have to add the sunlight on the rocks too. and I don't know if it's necessary or just too much.

so basically, at the moment I'm trying to find the thin line between this hat being intricate and loaded with detail or just being way over the top and too busy. opinions welcome.